Dealing with Divorce

The emotional impact of divorce

Choosing to get a divorce is a huge decision, which requires plenty of thinking. It is important to understand the legal procedures involved. Divorce can be a stressful and complicated ordeal. Men and women suffer psychological side effects from this painful experience, though women are more likely to hurt emotionally than men.
It is important to focus on your relationship before involving a divorce solicitor. Once you have concluded that there is no possibility to save your marriage, then you can begin this difficult road filled with psychological and emotional distress.
Dealing with divorce is difficult enough as it is. A divorce solicitor can guide you through each step in this difficult time. There are many reasons why marriages end in divorce including abuse, infidelity and lack of intimacy. Several stages happen when a marriage ends in a divorce.
A divorce can have an emotional impact on both parties, which can threaten your well-being. The separation can have a drastic effect on all the members of the family. The process of divorce can have an impact on the families’ social environment, school and work performance, financial stability and the physical and psychological well-being of the entire family.
If you are going through a divorce, you will need the advice of a professional solicitor that specializes in family law. Family law involves decision making about your future, finances, and your children. Divorce involves special law so that you will need counselling.
Experienced family and divorce solicitors can help you through the process. With the proper legal advice, you can achieve success. Resolve your separation and divorce in a constructive way. Allow the professionals to step in and offer their help.

The emotional issues that follow a divorce

Recovering from a divorce involves a grieving process. Some of the grieving stages people experience are depression, denial, anger and eventually acceptance. Some people may react differently, so these steps do not always occur for everyone.
The end of marriage is painful especially for the individual who does not expect it. When this pain is combined with a tense environment, this can result in psychological effects including lowered self-esteem, depression and the loss of a sense of identity. Some emotional reactions are typical following this disruptive experience which include:

Depression- both individuals feel the loss of their marriage leading to depression and withdrawal. Women are more likely to suffer episodes of depression more than men. Counselling and medication can help in some circumstances. It is advisable to change your routine creating a new environment to allow yourself to experience positive feelings.

Fear- getting a divorce can be terrifying for many. You may become afraid of distant problems that have not yet occurred. Give yourself credit what you have already overcome and taken small steps to handle your issues ahead.

Anger- The feeling of anger goes hand in hand with fear. If the divorce is unpleasant or full of emotional issues, anger is a normal reaction. Most people fear of being hurt again, going through the emotional trauma. Anger takes over your clear thinking and wise choices that you need to make. Recognize your anger from your fears and work to overcome them.

Anxiety- Stress and anxiety is a mixture of negative emotions. Try and reduce your stress by learning to deal with what is happening in your life. Deep breathing, exercising and meditating can help you deal with the anxiety.

Guilt – Men and women experience guilt during and after a divorce regardless who initiated the separation. Guilt is a common emotional reaction followed a divorce. You may find blaming yourself, questioning if you did everything in your power to save your marriage. There is no purpose for guilt. You cannot change past events. By learning to deal with your past, you will be able to concentrate more on the future ahead.

Though the emotions effects are many in a divorce, let yourself feel each one individually. You will be able to let go of the feeling easier.


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